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Lyons Township District Library

LTDL Volunteer Policy

Volunteer Policy

(Approved 9/12/13)


Statement of Purpose

Lyons Township District Library shall use the services of volunteers to supplement the efforts of paid library staff in meeting demands for quality public service. Volunteers aid the library in making the best use of its resources and contribute to a sound relationship with the community. The library and its volunteers work together to meet the goals and mission of the organization.

Definition of a Volunteer

A volunteer shall be considered as any individual, 12 years of age or older, who contributes time, energy, and talents on behalf of Lyons Township District Library and is not paid with library funds. All volunteers must be accepted into the library’s volunteer program by the library director or her designee prior to performance of assigned tasks.

How to Become a Volunteer

Lyons Township District Library has absolute authority to deny a volunteer application. However, the library shall not approve or deny the application of a volunteer on the basis of age, race, creed, color, national origin, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, gender, physical appearance, socioeconomic level, education level, or any other legally protected characteristic. All volunteers are required to fill out a volunteer application form. Applicants will be approved to become volunteers at the discretion of the library director or her designee based on an applicant’s qualifications in relation to the needs of the library at any given time. Volunteers under consideration may be subject to a criminal records search and background check. If the library does not have projects that match a volunteer’s interests at the time of application, the applicant will be notified and the application will be kept on file for one (1) year.

Volunteers Aged 12-17

Minors between 12-17 years of age may apply to volunteer for the library in positions for which they are qualified. Applicants must provide written parental/guardian consent in order to volunteer. Volunteers who are minors are not permitted to work more than four (4) hours per day.

Job Orientation and Training

The library director or her designee will provide the following orientation:

·         A tour of the library building

·         An introduction to paid library staff

·         Review of this volunteer policy

·         Review of volunteer duties and expectations

·         Confirmation of work dates, times, and projected duration of volunteer participation

·         A review of sign-in and sign-out procedures



Each volunteer will be assigned an on-site supervisor and is expected to follow the procedures established by that staff member. The supervisor is responsible for day-to-day management and guidance of work and is available for consultation and assistance. A well-defined job description will be given to each volunteer outlining the tasks assigned. The supervisor will provide training on new skills needed to perform assigned tasks. The supervisor will discuss the procedures for obtaining, using, and caring for library supplies and equipment. Any questions, concerns, or problems should be reported to the supervisor.

Volunteers are expected to perform their assigned duties to the best of their abilities and to be loyal to the mission, values, goals, and policies of the library. All volunteers should keep their supervisor informed of their projects and work status, and of their comings and goings within the library.


Lyons Township District Library values the contributions of volunteers and depends on volunteers to be present at scheduled times. Volunteers who know they will be absent or late should notify their supervisor before their shift begins, or as early in the day as possible.

Reporting for Duty

Volunteers must sign-in at the beginning and sign-out upon completion of their shift and report immediately to their supervisor.


Volunteers need to present a positive image to the public. It is expected that the grooming and dress of volunteers will be appropriate for a business environment and in keeping with the work assignment. Volunteers shall be guided by the employee handbook and their supervisor on what constitutes appropriate work/volunteer attire in a library environment.

Customer Service

Many volunteers come into contact with library patrons and may well be the first official contact a patron has with the library. Therefore, it is important that volunteers maintain a professional, friendly demeanor at all times. All patron questions other than directional are to be referred to a staff member who is trained to provide informational services for patrons.

Confidentiality and Patron Privacy

Volunteers are not allowed to sit at the circulation desk or use staff computers. All transactions between library users and staff or volunteers are strictly confidential. Volunteers are required to uphold this policy. This includes any information about materials a patron has looked at, asked for, requested, or checked out, as well as reference questions asked by library users. Michigan Public Act 455 of 1982, the Library Privacy Act (MCL 397.601 - 397.606) stipulates that public library circulation and registration records are confidential.

Personal Data

Volunteers are responsible for updating personal data, such as change of address, contact telephone numbers, and emergency contact information with their supervisor.

Telephone and Equipment Use

Lyons Township District Library is a place of business. Personal telephone calls and cell phone calls are prohibited except in the case of an emergency and should be kept as brief as possible. Ask a staff member if you need to make a telephone call. Library-owned equipment, including copy machines, fax machines, printers, computers, and other supplies and materials are for library use only and may not be used for personal business. No equipment or material is to be removed from the library without supervisor consent.

Health and Safety

Safety is everyone's job. Please notify your supervisor of any injury, whether minor or serious. Notify your supervisor if any assignment is causing you physical discomfort or could lead to personal injury. Lyons Township District Library does not provide any medical, health, accident, or worker’s compensation benefits for any volunteer.

Drug Free Workplace

Use of alcohol or illegal drugs in the workplace is prohibited, as is the abuse of any drug or alcohol or reporting to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The library is a smoke-free building. Smoking by persons 18 years and older is permitted in the designated smoking area behind (North Side) the library, out of sight of the street. This rule prohibits smoking in all work and non-work areas, including bathrooms and the board room, and on all library parking areas.


All volunteers, employees, supervisors, and members of management, both male and female, are strictly prohibited from sexually harassing or making improper advances towards other volunteers, guests, employees, supervisors, or members of management. Sexual harassment includes unwelcome or unsolicited verbal, physical, or sexual conduct that is made a term of condition of service or employment, is used as the basis of employment or advancement decision, or has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with work or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment. Any such behavior must be reported to a supervisor or the Board of Trustees.

Performance Review

The supervisor will meet with volunteers regularly to review their job performance. Evaluations will be informal and verbal. Please discuss with your supervisor if you have any questions or comments about your volunteer position.

Disciplinary Procedures

Volunteers, in their capacity as unpaid staff, are expected to meet the same standards of professionalism required of Lyons Township District Library staff. Volunteers who fail to meet the requirements of the job descriptions, violate library policies, or violate city, local, state, or federal law while working at the library are subject to dismissal.

 Furthermore, volunteers serve at will and agree that the library may at any time, for whatever reason, decide to terminate the volunteer’s relationship with the library, or to make changes in the nature of their volunteer assignment.

Leaving the Volunteer Program

Library volunteers should notify their supervisor as soon as possible if they are planning to resign from their position.