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Lyons Township District Library

Places to look for those LOST library books!

Check out this list of places people have found lost books.

So, where was the last place you remember having the book?....

First things first,

try to remember what the book looked like:

How big was it? What color? Was it thick or thin?
What do you remember about the cover?
Is it hardcover or paperback?

If you're not sure, ask the librarian, maybe s/he can remember.  Also keep
in mind that all library books have spine labels, barcode labels, and library
labels so that they stand out!


Here’s a list of actual places where kids from all over the US have found their missing books.  Even if you don’t find yours in of these suggested locations, it might help you think of other areas to search.

Around the House 

>In the car (also check under the seats) >Under the baby’s car seat >In the trunk of the car

>Under the spare tire >In the other car >In the garage >Behind or under the washing machine

>Behind or under the dryer >In the stroller bag >In the recycling bin >In your folder or binder

>In your backpack >In your other backpack >In your sibling's backpack >On top of the piano

>In the piano bench >Ask the housekeeper if s/he’s seen it

>In the reclining chair (between the arm and the seat cushion)

>Under or in back of the sofa (also check under cushions)

>Under or on top of the kitchen or dining room table

>Behind the refrigerator (because it fell off of the top)

>In the freezer >On top of/behind/under the oven >On top of, behind, or under the dishwasher

>On your bedroom bookshelf >On one of the other bookshelves

(Check all the books turned around backwards and behind other books on the bookshelf)

>On/in your desk at home >On/in your brother/sister’s desk >Under your bed.

>Under your brother/sister’s bed >Between the sheets at the foot of your bed

>Between your bed and the wall >Between the mattress and box springs

>In the trundle bed >In the crib >On top or behind the dresser >In the dresser drawers

>In the closet (check all closets) >Under the dirty clothes

>Inside the your couch that folds out into a bed >In the toy box >In the bathroom 

>On the back porch >In the dog house >In the tree house >In the back yard

>By the pool >In the basement >In the guest house >In the play house

>Packed with the holiday decorations >Under the TV set stand >On top of the VCR/DVD player or

>On top of the stereo >In the magazine rack >On the coffee table

>Under the rug >At the lake house >On the boat >Ask your parents/ kids if they’ve seen it

>Ask your brother/ sister if they’ve  seen it >Ask other relatives if they’ve seen it

>Ask your boyfriend/ girlfriend if they've seen it >Ask your husband/ wife if they've seen it

Around Town

>At the doctor's or dentist's office >At the local public library >At the church/temple/mosque library

>At the babysitter's house >At a relative’s house >At your daycare/after-school care facility

>At your friend's house >At your other parent’s house >At Mom or Dad’s work place

>At another relative’s work place >Wherever you went on errands recently 

>On the boat, airplane, train >At the restaurant >At the hotel >At my work place

At School/College

>In the vehicle of whomever you ride to school with or your car / bus

>Wherever you hangout after school

>On the classroom or teacher’s bookshelf >In my neighbor’s or friend’s desk

>Way back on the top shelf of your school locker >In the cafeteria, gym, band room, etc.

>At the school office >At the school office or library where your brother/sister attends

>Ask your teachers if they’ve seen it >In any of the "Lost and Found" areas around school

>Ask your friends if they've seen it >On the library shelf (Might be shelved without being checked in) 

So, if you find your book in a place not listed here, let us know and we’ll add it.....